HEOS – Firewall settings

1. DENON HEOS - Introduction

When setting up DENON sound system and using the HEOS App in a local network, you sometimes encounter problems setting up the system. This is mostly due to firewall restrictions.

2. DENON HEOS - Firewall setup

In general, most network routers / access points should not require special settings. Anyhow, if you are in a commercial network environment and want to use HEOS, you may need to take care that a few pre-requisites are necessary to run HEOS properly:

HEOS speakers and controllers (apps, professional controllers) require communication with each other. Therefore, specific ports must be opened to allow this communication:

80 : HTTP
554: RTSP

49152: MediaRenderer UPnP “listening”
49153: Configuration UPnP “listening”
49154: MediaServer UPnP “listening”

Open range between 50000 to 64999 for MediaRenderer and 60006 for Media Server.

Furthermore, all UPnP requires multicast access to the along with the appropriate IGMP messages and control for multicast.

You need multicast to work unimpeded across your corporate LAN, or within the corporate LAN in the same building. So, for a corporate environment, we suggest use of a VLAN or similar separation from real traffic, as long as the devices can “see” the appropriate standard IPv4 environment with the above features.

If you plan to use HEOS components with fixed IP addresses, you first need to configure this in an environment where a DHCP server is present. After you changed to fixed IP, the DHCP server is not needed anymore.

Ref : Network requirements for HEOS.

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