HIKVISION – Hik-Connect Service

1. HIKVISION Hik-Connect Service - Introduction

After the initial Hikvision camera setup, we’ll want to register the camera’s to the Hik-Connect service.

This service is the interface between the camera’s on your local area network and the Hik-Connect App you’ll be using on your smartphone or tablet to access those camera’s when you’re outside your own network (remote access).

2. HIKVISION Hik-Connect Service - User registration

The first time you have to register yourself to the Hik-Connect service.

Open a web browser and go to https://www.hik-connect.com/.

Click the Register button and follow the screens to register your new account.

3. HIKVISION Hik-Connect Service - Add camera's

Now log in using your newly created account.

Click the Add button to register a new camera.

Enter the camera’s serial number and click the Search button.

You can find the serial number in the Hikvision SADP tool we discussed in the previous post.

Only use the last 9 digits of the Device Serial No.

Then enter the Hik-Connect Service Verification Code. This is the same code we  set up in the Hikvision SADP tool as we discussed in the previous post. Now click the Add button.

Now enter a meaningful alias for the camera.

Then click the OK button.

The camera is now registered to the Hik-Connect service.

Repeat the process for all remaining camera’s.

Then log out and close the browser.

In the next post, we’ll install the Hik-Connect App on a Android or iOS based smartphone or tablet to monitor our Hikvision camera surveillance system.

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