1. HIKVISION SADP Tool - Introduction

When setting up a new Hikvision camera surveillance system or adding new camera’s to an existing system, you’ll have to do the initial camera setup using the Hikvision SADP Tool. This includes :
  • camera activation
  • setting the admin password
  • enabling Hik-Connect and setting the activation code for the Hik-Connect service
  • setting the IP address and default gateway
Connect all your (new) Hikvision IP camera’s to a PoE network switch in your local area network. Download the Hikvision SADP Tool and install it on your computer. Then start the application.

2. HIKVISION SADP Tool - Initial camera setup

The application will detect and show all attached camera’s. 

New camera’s by default are inactive and have the default IP address

Select a new and inactive camera.

Enter and confirm the password for the admin account.

Tip :
Make life easy and use the same admin password for all camera’s on your system.

Then enable the Hik-Connect option.

Enter and confirm a 6 to 12 character verification code for the Hik-Connect service.

This verification code will be used by the Hik-Connect service to access the camera.

Tip :
Make life easy and use the same activation code for all camera’s on your system.

Select and answer the 3 security questions.

You’ll have to answer these questions correctly in case you forgot the verification code.

Tip :

Make life easy and use the same questions and answers for all camera’s on your system.

Now enter the camera’s fixed IP address and the default gateway.

Then enter the password for the admin account.

Tip :

Make sure this fixed IP address is available in your local area network and is outside the range of your local network DHCP server. Check your LAN router to find out the DHCP range.

Now repeat the process for the next camera’s you want to setup.

At the end all camera’s should be activated and set up.

Check each camera by entering its IP address in a browser window. Log in using the admin account password and make yourself familiar with the user interface.

In the next post we’ll register the newly added camera’s to the Hik-Connect service.

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