LARAGON – Update Apache

1. Introduction

In Laragon, updating the Apache HTTP service to the latest version is easy.

Just download the new version, unpack it into the right folder and select the new version in the Laragon menu.

2. Notice

Be sure your Windows 10 (64 bit) OS has the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2022 installed.

3. Laragon - Updating Apache HTTP service

  • Download the latest Win64-VS17 Apache version from into your \Downloads\ folder.
    The packed file is named for instance
  • Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive in a folder with the same name, for instance httpd-2.4.55-win64-VS17.
  • Move all files inside the \httpd-2.4.55-win64-VS17\Apache24\ folder up one level.
    Then delete the (now empty) \Apache24\ folder.
  • Move the complete \httpd-2.4.55-win64-VS17\ folder to the \bin\apache\ folder of your Laragon installation.
  • In the Apache section, select the newly installed Apache version.
  • Laragon will restart the Apache Service using the new version.
  • Now you can remove the previous version by removing its folder from \bin\apache\.


  1. Buongiorno, non posso spostare la cartella Apache nella cartella bin perché non c’è; c’è una cartella Apache2 dentro la cartella etc. Cosa devo fare?

    • I just tested this in a fresh LARAGON 6 installation.
      There is a \LARAGON\bin\apache\ folder, no \LARAGON\bin\apache2\.

      Just follow the instructions in the post.
      Do not forget the instructions marked in red color.
      Then you should be fine.

    • Glad you like the content. Unfortunately I don’t use Nginx. So I’ll leave it up to more experienced Nginx/Lagaron users to write on the topic.

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