1. Introduction

In Laragon, updating MySQL to its latest version is easy.

Just download the new version, unpack it into the right folder and select the new version in the Laragon menu.


2. Notice

Be sure your Windows 10 (64 bit) OS has the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2019 installed.

3. Backup databases

As always, backup all your databases before starting the manipulations!

4. Laragon - Updating MySQL

  • Download the latest Community Server (x86, 64-bit) MySQL version as a ZIP archive from into your \Downloads\ folder.
  • The packed file is named for instance
  • Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive in a folder with the same name, for instance mysql-8.0.28-winx64.
  • Move the complete \mysql-8.0.28-winx64\ folder to the \bin\mysql\ folder of your Laragon installation.
  • In the MySQL section, stop the MySQL service.
  • Then select the newly installed MySQL version.
  • Restart the MySQL service.
  • If not needed anymore, you can now remove any previous versions by removing their folder from \bin\mysql\.

5. Character Set and Collation

In some cases you might want to configure the MySQL UTF 8 settings by specifying the character set and the collation.

In my case, the preferred character set is utf8mb4 and the collation is utf8mb4_unicode_ci.

If you want to force MySQL to use this settings, you’ll have to add them to these 2 files :

  • \LARAGON\bin\mysql\mysql-8.0.23-winx64\my.ini
  • \LARAGON\usr\tpl\

In both files, add the settings to the [mysqld] section :

##UTF 8 Settings

6. Migrating from MySQL 5.xx to MySQL 8.xx

Be sure to migrate your existing 5.xx MySQL to the latest 5.xx version first before migrating to the newest 8.xx version.
  • Stop Laragon.
  • In the menu, select Tools Quick add Configuration.
  • Uncomment the mysql-8.0 line
    (line 12; delete the # sign)
  • Edit the MySQL version to the current version
    (change to
  • Save & close the file.
  • In the menu, select Tools Quick add mysql-8.0.
  • Download and unpacking will start.
  • After download, select MySQL → Version → mysql-8.0.29-winx64
  • Make a copy of your existing \laragon\data\mysql\ folder and rename it to \laragon\data\mysql-8\
  • Click Start All button.
  • If Windows Firewall opens a warning, give appropriate permissions to MySQL.

7. MySQL Reset root password

In case you ever forget the root user password, Laragon provides an easy way to reset it.

  • In the menu, select MySQL Reset and generate a random password to root.

The default user for any fresh installed database driver is username root with no password.


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