1. Introduction

In Laragon, updating the PHP service to the latest PHP version is easy.

Just download the new version, unpack it into the right folder and select the new version in the Laragon menu.

You can even have multiple PHP versions installed. Switching between them is a piece of cake.

2. Notice

Be sure your Windows 10 (64 bit) OS has the latest Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015-2022 installed.

3. Laragon - Updating PHP

  • Download the latest Win32-vs16-x64 version from into your \Downloads\ folder.
  • The packed file is named for instance
  • Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive in a folder with the same name, for instance php-8.2.3-Win32-vs16-x64.
  • Move the complete \php-8.2.3-Win32-vs16-x64\ folder to the \bin\php\ folder of your Laragon installation.
  • In the PHP section, select the newly installed PHP version.
  • Laragon will restart the PHP Service using the new version.
  • Now you can remove any previous versions by removing their folder from \bin\php\.

4. Configure the current PHP

Sometimes you want to customize your PHP installation.  In the PHP section of the Laragon Menu, there are options to :

  • quickly set some common PHP settings
  • edit the php values in the php. ini file
  • enable or disable PHP extensions

In my specific case, I always change these values in the php.ini file :

realpath_cache_size = 10M
date.timezone = 'Europe/Brussels'
memory_limit = 4G


  1. We should do a script that automate PHP update, maybe ChatGPT can help, and then it should be callable in the laragon menu.

  2. This was a very help article. Thanks! When I attempt to start Laragon after switching from PHP 7.4.33 to 8.0.25 I get an error:

    “httpd.exe – Entry Point Not Found

    The procedure entry point zend_argument_error_variadic@@32 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\laragon\php\php-8.0.25-Win32-vs16-x64\ext\php_opens.dll.”

    Any idea why this happens or how I might be able to fix it? My sites still load.

    • Apparently changing the PHP versions doesn’t always trigger the PATH update.
      So you’ll have to manually update the path by first choosing “Tools -> Path -> Remove Laragon from Path” and the selecting “Tools -> Path -> Add Laragon to Path”.
      Make sure to restart all services.

      Try starting Laragon as “Administrator”.

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