LARAVEL 11 – Bootstrap 5 – Datatables

1. LARAVEL 11 - Bootstrap 5 - DataTables - Introduction

Let me introduce a demo LARAVEL 11 – BOOTSTRAP 5 project featuring DATATABLES

You can quickly adapt this project to your own needs.

Tip :

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2. LARAVEL 11 - Bootstrap 5 - DataTables - Description

This application  requires at least PHP 8.2 and build using : Features :
  • Top button bar to quickly navigate to the main parts of your application
  • Offcanvas menu to access less frequently used parts
  • Datatables, fully integrated with build in :
    • Create – Show – Update – Delete (CRUD) with Bootbox.js dialogs and Toastr notifications
    • Copy to clipboard
    • Export to PDF and Excel
    • Print function
    • Items per page selector
    • Column visibility selector
    • Search with result highlighting
    • Server-side pagination and filtering
    • Multiple row selection (for mass deletes)
    • Inline boolean field toggable
    • Help
Special feature : The top menu contains in its center a dropdown selector for the year. This is implemented as a global session variable [APP].[YEAR] and allows you to easely filter datatable datasets (when needed) to reflect the data concerning the selected year. This is extreem helpfull if you manage models that depend on the year, like for instance deliveries, orders, productions, and so on… In this demo project, two models are already implemented :
  • Customers, available to all logged in users
  • Users and Users Log, only available to logged in users with the property Developer
Use their controller and the corresponding views as a base to create new datatables utilising your own project models.
Tip: This demo Laravel 11 – Bootstrap 5 project using Datatables is available on GitHub.

Open source under MIT License.

3. LARAVEL 11 - Bootstrap 5 - DataTables - Demo

You can visit the live demo at
Klick the login button in the top navigation bar. 

  • Username :
  • Password : password

Then visit the Customers page.

3. LARAVEL 11 - Bootstrap 5 - DataTables - Build

a. Clone the GitHub repository

Inside the root folder of your local web development environment, open a new terminal window. Enter the command :
git clone .
Change directory into the newly created project folder.

b. Install Composer Dependencies

Enter the command : 

composer install

c. Install NPM Dependencies

Enter the commands :
npm install
npm run dev or npm run build

d. Create your copy of the .env file

Enter the command :

cp .env.example .env

e. Generate an App Encryption Key

Enter the command :
php artisan key:generate

f. Create an empty database for our application

Use your favorite database management tool to create an empty database.
Configure a username and password.

g. Configure the .env file

Open the .env file for editing :
Adjust the DB_HOST, DB_PORT, DB_DATABASE, DB_USERNAME and DB_PASSWORD options to match your situation. Also adjust the mail settings:

h. Migrate the database

Enter the command : :
 php artisan migrate:fresh --seed

i. Open the application

You now have a working Laravel 11 – Bootstrap 5 application using Datatables.

Open a browser and go to the url of your application.

In the header button bar, on the right-hand side, click the green Login button to login. 

Email Address:
Password : password

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