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LARAVEL 11 – Genealogy

1. Genealogy - Introduction

Genealogy is a free and open-source (family tree) application to record family members and their relationships, build with Laravel 10.

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This application is build using :

a. Logic concept

  1. A person can have 1 biological father (1 person, based on father_id)
  2. A person can have 1 biological mother (1 person, based on mother_id)
  3. A person can have 1 set of parents, biological or not (1 couple of 2 people, based on parents_id)
  4. A person can have 0 to many biological children (n people, based on father_id/mother_id)
  5. A person can have 0 to many partners (n people), being part of 0 to many couples (opposite or same biological sex)
  6. A person can be part of a couple with the same partner multiple times (remarriage or reunite)
  7. A couple can have 0 to many children (based on parents_id as a couple or father_id/mother_id individually)
  8. A couple can be married or not, still together or separated in the meantime

b. Requirements

At least PHP 8.1

b. License

Open source under MIT License.

2. Genealogy - Demo

e-mail : administrator@genealogy.test
password : password

3. Genealogy - Features

a. Default

  • Light/Dark/System theme
  • Fully responsive
  • Multi-language, English and Dutch already implemented, language setting saved in authenticated users profile
  • Multi-tenancy by Jetstream Teams
  • Security through Jetstream Teams Roles & Permissions, 2FA & API can be enabled
  • Offcanvas menu
  • Image upload with possibility of watermarking

b. Special features

This application has a built-in Backup Manager :
  • Backups can be initiated and managed manually
  • Backups can be scheludeld by issuing a cron job on your development or production server
  • An e-mail will be send after each backup

This application has a built-in Log Viewer showing :

  • INFO : All scheduled backups
  • DEBUG : All executed database queries, but only in local development mode
  • WARNING : All detected N+1 queries, but only in local development mode
  • ERROR : All detected errors

This application has a built-in User logging :

  • User statistics by country of origin
  • User statistics by year/month/week/day

4. Genealogy - Impressum

a. Basic idea (2017)

This application is based on an original implementation by Nafies Luthfi. Thanks for your excellent work.

b. Design & Development (2024)

This Laravel 10 application is designed and developed by

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