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Moto – GPS – BMW Navigator V – Pairing Sena Bluetooth headset

If you want to pair a BMW Navigator V to a Sena Bluetooth headset, there’re a few things you should know. 

First things first. Always use the latest firmwire on your SENA Bluetooth headset. You can download it here after product registration.

Be sure to set the firmware settings according to this screenshot :

By default, the VOX Intercom option is disabled. Be sure to enable it! Press the SAVE button to save the settings in the headset.

After upgrading the firmware you’ll have to reset the headset to its default settings. This also cleares all existing pairings.

  1. Power on the headset by pushing the red Phone Button and de Jog Dial simultaneously, the headset will respond with “Welcome“.
  2. Push the Phone Button for about 10 seconds, the headset will respond with “Factory Reset“.
  3. Push the Jog Dial once, the headset wil respond with “Headset reset” followed by “Goodbey“.

Now you are ready to pair the headset to the GPS unit.

Pairing a BMW Navigator V to a SENA Bluetooth headset:
  1. Power on the headset by pushing the Phone Button and de Jog Dial simultaneously.
  2. Power on the GPS device by pushing the Power Button on the backside.
  3. Press Settings –> Bluetooth.
  4. Set both the Bluetooth option and the Visible option to Enabled.
  5. If they exist, clear all registered bluetooth headset pairings.
  6. Press Scan for Devices. Press OK.
  7. Active the paining mode on the headset bij pushing the Phone Button for about 5 seconds, the headset will respond with “Phone Pairing“.
  8. Wait until both devices found each other and confirm the messages appearing on the GPS device.

Now both devices should be paired correctly using the A2DP protocol . You should see :

Connection diagram : 


  1. Hello. Thanks about the guide. It is very helpful and I make the connections easily. I have 1 question. When I have a phone coming I see it on the Nav 6 screen and hear the phone ring in intercom. That is working perfect but when I open a song through spotify I couldn’t hear the song in intercom. My intercom is Sena srl2 and don’t have Vox intercom feature. I’m not sure if this is the reason. Could you please help me?

    • Hi,

      I never used Spotify in this configuration.
      Helas, I have no solution for your problem.

      Kind regards.


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